Bibhu Mohapatra Spring 2018 for Christian Louboutin

Working with the Louboutin team this season was such an honor. 

Never have I been able to do constant squats while shooting NYFW.

Clearly not the same coverage I do for T Magazine, there was no need to capture makeup, models, the runway set or details of the clothing. I spent the whole time on the floor, focusing on those red soles.

I love the start contrast of the silhouette against the white wall and shadow. All the lines juxtaposed to the circles on the dress, create a bold dynamic look. 

NYFW Spring 2018 for Tumblr

I was overjoyed to hear that this NYFW season I was going to be one of Tumblr's creators. Alongside GIF makers, illustrators and fellow photographers, I would be able to create imagery unique and different from past seasons. With the access to all shows and encouragement to shoot anything I want, anyway I want, Tumblr allowed me to shoot passion projects and take the time to edit and finalize them before sharing. 

You can see all my posts during NYFW on my tumblr





NYFW Spring 2018 for T Magazine

I am finally catching up on my blog coverage from NYFW. I figured I would combine all my T Magazine coverage into one post.